Eric On

The Issues


Standing up for our brave heroes that protect us is one of the biggest priorities I’ve had in the legislature. I’m proud to have been a sponsor on the bills below, in order to ensure that our first responders have the resources and support they need to do their jobs. As a result, I’ve been honored to receive the endorsement of the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association.

(banning protesting at residential addresses) SF1547 (study on the effectiveness and feasibility of disabled police officer and first responder benefits
(recruitment campaign for more law enforcement officers)
(law enforcement agencies must start reporting carjacking statistics)
 (construction of a south metro law enforcement regional training center)


Creating an economy that makes life affordable for Minnesotans is also a top priority - and we need to get Minnesotans back to work. Minnesotans are overtaxed, and we can empower them by keeping as much of their own money in their pockets as possible - I also fought to keep our businesses open, and our workers paid, during the shutdowns.



As a former member of the Prior Lake - Savage School Board, and former Chair of the Senate Education Policy committee, I know the important role that our schools play in the lives of all of our families. Our students were done a disservice when they were forced out of the classroom during the Governor’s shutdown. Our students need to be receiving quality education in the classroom.



Minnesotans faced unnecessary restrictions and unjustified disruptions to their way of life with the Governor’s shutdowns. Throughout the course of the pandemic, I fought to make sure that Minnesotans could make choices for themselves, and were protected from government overreach by sponsoring the following bills: SF I was honored to receive an endorsement from the Minnesotans for Health and Parental Freedom, recognizing the important role that taking a stand was.


: banning of vaccine passports
: banning of vaccine requirements for employment
: allowing businesses to avoid being shut down if they have their own safety plan
: phaseout of the eviction moratorium
: reform of the Governor’s emergency powers